Belgian Beer Brewery Visit

3 Days Brewery tour (example) :


Day 1 : Arrival in Belgium

- Pick up at the airport Brussels National Brussels midi / train station

- Transfer to hotel in Brussels

- Dinner (3 course + 2 comsumpties + coffee)


The tour begins when you arrive in Belgium . We welcome you at the airport of Brussels National or in the Brussels Midi station and then transport you to the hotel .

This day there is not really a planning. But we can give you some good adresses in Brussel for that day.

There is a three course dinner provided in the evening with 2 drinks and coffee afterwards .


Day 2 : Discovery Brussels brewery

- Breakfast

- Gathering 9:30

- Visit Brussels brewery ( incl tastings)

- Lunch

- Visit local bars (must have seen places)

- Dinner ( 2 drinks + coffee)


After awakening awaits you breakfast and you will be at the reception expecting to 9.30 depending on the schedule , we visit in the morning to the brewery in Brussels and in the afternoon some bars that you must have seen. In the afternoon there is a lunch provided and in the evening a 3 course meal with 2 drinks and coffee .

That night we sleep in the same hotel again .


Day 3 : Bruges/ Oudenaarde / Westvleteren

- Breakfast

- Gathering 9:00

- Departure to Bruges/ Oudenaarde or Westvleteren

- lunch + 3 consumptions

- dinner



This day there is a long ride on the schedule. Meeting at the reception at 9:00 . .This day it is one of your choice:


-Bruges and his local brewery and bars


- Liefmans brewery in Oudenaarde


- Westvleteren


By booking you have to let us know which one you want to do. This day lunch and 3 consumptions are included.

After the tour we go back to the hotel and have the last dinner together and this is the last night in the hotel.


The next day we provide a transport to the airport Brussels National and Brussels Midi Train Station when needed.

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